About ShopforDSL.com

About ShopforDSL.com

ShopforDSL.com was created by Commission River Corpration, to educate the public on Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology and to assist them with obtaining pricing and order placement. Our valuable and free service will find the best solution possible to fit both your DSL needs and your budget. Using our proprietary GeoQuote™ technology, you will be presented with a list of quotes and options for DSL service in your area within seconds. Unlike our competitors, ShopforDSL.com provides you with quotes from number of different DSL providers, not just those from a single company. A Commission River DSL Product Specialist is always just a phone call or e-mail away if you have any questions about our services or need assistance in signing-up with a DSL provider.

Commission River Corporation was founded in December 2007 through the merger of Commission River Inc. and Cognigen Networks. Although, up to that point, the primary business interest of the founders of Telarus had been commercial telecommunications, many independent agents and clients requested that Telarus put its award-winning technical staff to work on a program that offered agents more than just business phone services. Over time, the chorus of requests became so resounding that the founders of Telarus; Adam Edwards and Patrick Oborn, decided it was time to grow in a new direction using the base of relationship marketing experience gained from commercial telecom agent sales.

Commission River is an independent, privately held corporation, owned by the Bayhill Group. The focus of Commission River is offer unique, strategic, and complimentary residential-based offerings that the other "big players" in the online affiliate marketing space have undeserved or entirely missed altogether. Commission River does not add a vendor to its portfolio of advertisers unless it can bring something original to the table. This ensures that the publishers and independent agents who work with us have a strategic advantage when they take these products to market.

Even though Commission River itself is just a few years old, the people behind the scenes have years of experience building, running, and supporting online affiliate marketing programs. The director of Commission River, Robert Probst, is a great example of leadership and integrity in the online affiliate marketing space. With over 5 years of experience at the helm of other programs, Mr. Probst brings with him the ability to create agent-friendly, vendor-profitable programs that last.

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Quick Facts

Commission River Corp.
Number of Employees: 15
Date Founded: 12-30-1995
Headquarters: Draper, UT

Founder: Kevin E. Anderson

Senior Management:
Adam V. Edwards, President
Patrick K. Oborn, VP of Marketing
Robert W. Probst, Director of Opps. Andrew R. Morgan, VP of Web Dev.

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