Residential DSL Service

Residential DSL Service

Commission River offers a wide variety of broadband services and access methods to best suit the needs of the individual customer. Our automated quotation system will search for all available residential broadband services at the location you specify. Unlike dial-up, all of our products offer full, broadband speeds and an always-on connection, regardless of the technology being used. Some of your choices may include:


Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, or ADSL, is a broadband service that requires you to have an existing (residential) analog phone line at your location. ADSL uses the existing copper wiring from your local telephone company to carry its broadband signal directly to your home. You must be within approximately 15,000 feet of your local telephone company's nearest Central Office in order for ADSL service to work at top speeds. In some cases, this can be extended to 20,000 feet or more, albeit at slower speeds.'s patented technology will automatically calculate the distance between your residence and the nearest Central Office in order to determine if you qualify for this service, and at what speeds. ADSL will not affect your regular telephone service in any way.


Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line is commonly known in the industry as "Naked DSL", or "SDSL" service. Unlike ADSL, SDSL does not require you to have an existing phone line with your local telephone company or subscribe to analog telephone service. SDSL uses the same copper wires that are normally used for making voice telephone calls. However, SDSL lines are completely dedicated to carrying broadband data for Internet connectivity.

Broadband Via Satellite

Is a wireless technology that requires no connection to your local telephone or cable company. Unlike DSL and cable modem technology, satellite broadband service is available anywhere in the U.S. with a clear view of the Southern horizon. Therefore, most searches will show this as an available option. All systems include professional installation with your subscription. A local installer will make certain that your location is not obstructed by trees or other objects prior to performing the actual installation.

Cable Modem Service

Where available, cable modem service provides high-speed Internet connectivity using a combination of fiberoptics and coaxial cable. Cable modem service is often available as part of a "triple-play" bundle of services that include broadband Internet connectivity, digital cable television programming and digital telephone service. Installation is done by your local cable company. Download speeds are among the fastest available anywhere. Upload speeds are slower, but more than fast enough for the vast majority of applications.

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